ALA welcomes 130 young leaders for 2015 GSP

One hundred and thirty young leaders from all over the world have been immersing themselves in the study and practice of Entrepreneurial Leadership at the 2015 Global Scholars Program (GSP). This three week summer program enables selected participants from around the world to explore South Africa’s natural wonders and rich history; collaborate with disadvantaged communities to deliver meaningful solutions; and discover their own potential to create positive change.

Since the first session commenced on the 29th of June, teenagers from countries as far off as Italy, China, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and the United States have been engaged in leadership experiential activities, service learning projects and various excursions. The scholars are joined by 36 educators from around the world, including alumni of ALA’s two-year pre-university program who have returned to facilitate during the program.

Reflecting on his GSP experience, Tomatse Ogedegbe from the USA said “Over the past three weeks, I have really changed as a person. The seminal readings that we had taught me more about life outside of the U.S. alone than all of the informational television shows I’ve watched combined. Presentations thrown together by ALA Educators about EL (Entrepreneurial Leadership) have taught me more about real success than anything I learned this year in my business class. Guest speakers have taught me more about what personal achievement is than any TED talk I’ve watched this month. The friends I’ve made and the network I’ve built in these three weeks are tangible; they will last me a lifetime. I believe this is one of the most progressive programs I’ve ever been fortunate enough to take part in. Above all, I’ve really grown as a person. The changes I’ve made are positive and meaningful ones. Also, I believe the things that I’ve learned and will take home are the leadership skills required to solve a problem”.


GSP Participants on a visit to Hector Pieterson Museum, Soweto

Applications for the 2016 GSP season are now open and can be completed online, you can also follow daily updates on Facebook.