ALA's Advisory Program

In the two years during the course of their time on campus, we encourage our students to be fully immersed in the spirit of community and diversity – hence the Advisory Program.

Our Advisory Program is a significant one, and allows for some of the most meaningful and long lasting bonds at ALA. What is the role of advisors?

What do we love about the advisory program?

The Advisory Program seeks to build relationships between staffulty and students and ALA, and the basis of the program involves student being assigned to a faculty and staff Advisor who will guide them on academic issues as well as other aspects of the student’s life while on campus. Each Advisor also contacts parents and guardians periodically, in order to ensure that the student’s life on campus is well-balanced. Advisors provide feedback and personal support for students on all aspects of their development on campus, they help students think through subject choices, academic goals and ultimately life beyond ALA.

The vision for the Program is to create a learning community of students and faculty dedicated to personal and professional growth and career development even beyond ALA. The Advisory Program seeks to:

  • Foster a welcoming learning community for students and staffulty by honoring diversity
  • Promote mentoring relationships for students during their time at ALA
  • Encourage a culture of peer advising
  • Support our young leaders’ journeys and ensure their well-being

advisory lunch

The Advisory Family consists of the faculty and staff advisors as well as six or seven students, who meet weekly for advisory lunch to engage and catch up on life on campus and their weekly progress. The program has grown tremendously over the years and has made a significant impact on a student’s time at ALA. The weekly interactions offer students an opportunity for faculty and peer advising and mentoring.

With cohorts of advisors getting together regularly to offer support and advice, advisors have every confidence to provide our advisees with precisely what they need.

About the author: Gavin Peter is the Director of Student Life, Arts and Culture at African Leadership Academy. You can read his profile here.