Alumni Spotlight: Muturi Njeri (Kenya)

Muturi Njeri is a proud Kenyan native, who was a member of ALA’s class of 2009. Muturi’s passion for Africa, entrepreneurship and writing enabled him to become the co-founder of The African Youth Journals – an online interactive forum to help African youth connect and share ideas on how current affairs are affecting and shaping the continent.

After ALA, Muturi went on to Colgate University, as a Benton Scholar, where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in African Studies in 2015. He was also on a study abroad program at the University of West Indies in Jamaica.

He has also managed to secure impressive internships in his home country, Kenya, where he continues to develop his writing. Muturi has worked with Equity Group Foundation as a college counselor, mentoring scholars applying to universities abroad. He also worked with Kuza Biashara Limited writing articles on SMEs and entrepreneurship. Additionally, he worked with Kiva Microfunds conducting field research for the piloting of a mobile based micro-finance platform.

Muturi has a number of successes to boast; he was approached by OXFAM to create a documentary profiling his success. Most recently, he was approached by the Equity Foundation to be a speech writer for Equity CEO, Dr. James Mwangi, and also to write a memoir on his behalf.

Being an avid writer, Muturi writes blogs sharing his interests and exciting opportunities he has been involved in. He wrote a blog after meeting the President and the First Lady of Kenya and what that experience meant to him. Read more.