Announcing SEGL at ALA

In January 2020 up to 24 students will have the opportunity to participate in the ‘SEGL at ALA Program’, a one-term offering on our campus.

The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) is an innovative school for 11th graders from United States and across the world, based in Washington DC. We are excited to announce this ground-breaking partnership, which will also see an educational collaboration of SEGL and ALA faculty.

SEGL at ALA students will join classes at ALA for a full academic term and live and study alongside ALA students. They will experience South Africa’s rich history and culture, discover the vibrant city of Johannesburg, and build a deeper understanding of the African continent through their interactions with ALA students.

SEGL at ALA will open for the spring 2020 semester, beginning in January 2020. If you know a globally-minded young leader from beyond the African continent who would thrive in a term spent at ALA, we encourage you to learn more about SEGL here.