Celebrating Fred Swaniker on the award of an Honorary Doctorate Degree

On 5 March,2017  our founder, Fred Swaniker, was recognised with an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). The award was given in recognition of Fred’s “outstanding contributions to foregrounding approaches to higher education, promoting African leadership and educating leaders in the spirit of Nelson Mandela”.

Fred is passionate about Africa and its leadership development. He was inspired by Nelson Mandela to help produce leaders of the iconic statesman’s stature, he co-founded African Leadership Academy, African Leadership Network and, ultimately, African Leadership University (he dedicates his achievement to members of these institutions).

The 3 institutions collectively will groom 3 million leaders for Africa over the next 50 years. “Even if each of these leaders achieves only a 100th of what Madiba achieved in his lifetime, the collective movement of leaders we will produce can serve as a powerful catalyst for enabling African peace and prosperity in the 21st century”.

He had this to say, “I find today particularly symbolic because the single greatest influence during those formative years of my life was Nelson Mandela. Madiba’s example showed me how just one person could change an entire nation, and indeed the entire world. I remember thinking-all Africa needs are a few more good leaders like Nelson Mandela.”