Founders' Wall Unveiled

As part of African Leadership Academy’s recent graduation, the Founders’ Wall was unveiled. Almost 1,000 supporters, donors and contributors are recognized on the wall, which wraps around the front entrance of ALA.

The inscription on the plaque reads:

African Leadership Academy Founders’ Wall
The names engraved upon the bricks of this wall are those of the visionary people who made African Leadership Academy’s existence possible. Taking their chance on a dream, these kind-hearted souls have invested time, money and energy in Africa’s future. In doing so they have modeled the very leadership that is taught at ALA and their names are preserved here for future generations to acknowledge.

The central mosaic, which dominates the design, was auctioned during our Grand Opening last February, and is dedicated to an African Hero, Abdulwahab Iyanda Folawiyo.  Mr. Folawiyo is a role model to our students and was a leader in his community.
The inscription reads:

This crest is dedicated to the memory of
Chief (Dr.) ABDULWAHAB IYANDA FOLAWIYO, C.O.N. a Baba Adinni of Nigeria

His life embodied the values of integrity, compassion, curiosity, humility diversity and excellence that are taught at African Leadership Academy.

In 1957, he founded Yinka Folawiyo & Sons which today includes holdings in shipping, banking, construction, agriculture and energy.

He gave back generously to his community, building hospitals, mosques and orphanages as well as endowing a Chair in Physics at the University of Lagos and giving academic sponsorships to students with disabilities.

He is an example for all of us.

Over the next year, ALA will highlight some of the names on the wall, and tell the stories of these people, how they got involved with ALA and what led them to be Founders of this ambitious project.