Introducing ALA’s Global Summer Short Courses

We are delighted to announce a brand new set of short courses designed for young global leaders from all around the world – African Leadership Academy’s Global Short Courses. These courses have been created to enable knowledge exchange between Africa’s future leaders studying at ALA, and students in different parts of the world. Building on ALA’s rigorous and practical leadership development, entrepreneurship and design-thinking courses, and an inspiring and informative African Studies curriculum, the courses provide a unique global learning opportunity for students in Grades 7 – 11.

There will be two sessions running between July 16th – 17th, and July 20th – 31st, with offerings including “All Things Africa” for Grades 7-8 and 9-10, “Entrepreneurship for Social Change” for Grades 8-9 and 10-11, and “Imagining the Future” for Grades 10-11. All courses will be facilitated virtually and will include core elements of the ALA learning experience – structured experiential activities, shared learning and deliberate reflection. Some of the courses are designed to include challenging pre-readings and independent work time.

All sessions will be facilitated on Zoom and other online learning platforms.

Facilitators are graduates like Anuarite Gikonyo ’18, a writer, artist and education enthusiast, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Anuarite is inspired by the role that creative, critical thinking plays in the reformation of systems, reclamation of identities and liberation of minds. She sees her art as a form of studying the fundamentals of belief systems and societal structures, and the ways in which the two influence each other. Another facilitator, Thaksheel Nirvaan Alleck ’18 of Mauritius is passionate about entrepreneurship and education. At ALA, he ran the African Leadership Consulting Group, which assisted in the business development of multiple enterprises in South Africa. A Bezos Scholar, Thaksheel helped organize and host the South African Ideas Festival which created the space for more than 35 brilliant young leaders in South Africa to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and ventures.

Learn more about our Global Summer Short Courses and register below.