Marathoners run in support of ALA

The parallels between running a marathon and being a lifelong leader are many: Marathon running is an exciting and challenging activity that takes endurance, training and planning, on top of desire and talent. No one starts out being able to run a marathon. Likewise, leadership takes endurance, training and planning, on top of desire and talent.

Perhaps that’s why marathon runners are often good fundraisers for ALA. They get the commitment.

For the third year in a row, ALA’s American partner, African Leadership Foundation has been supported by runners in the ING New York City Marathon, one of the largest marathons in the world. Twelve runners from a variety of countries ran in support of ALF and asked their supporters to donate to ALA. The runners were:

Ayodele Yusuf, Steve Boehlke, Jay Berlin, Nguessan Nianduillet, Simba Mhungu, Blessing Mudavanhu, Andrea Berchowitz, Ben Grannan, Brian Sonneborn, Mutsa Tongoona, Matthew Wong, and Ayanda Mhungu.

Steve Boehlke, who has been to the ALA campus many times and has run leadership sessions for both our staff and students, was the team member who raised the most funds. Ben Grannan, ALF’s fastest runner, ran the race in 3 hours and 27 minutes and placed 4346 out of 45,350.

The Soweto Marathon was held the same weekend, and ALA had a team of five supporters running in it: Fred Chima, Mayowa Ayodele, Bobby Kola, Adrian Smith, Johan Van Schalkwyk, Ronald Tamale.

Lastly, the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon was two weeks ago, and ALA was represented in it by our own Ivy Mwai.

Congratulations to all participants.