Young Entrepreneur and Apprentice Clare A. Muga Shapes Uganda’s Future Leaders

Though she is already shaping the future of Africa as an entrepreneur, Clare A. Muga will spend this summer as an Apprentice, discovering principles that will help her grow the impact of her Evimero Leadership Academy in Uganda.  Clare is one of 15 pioneer Apprentices selected from 87 candidates for the first cohort of ALforEducation’s apprenticeship program.

Clare has devoted her life to uplifting young people and shaping their leadership skills in order to create a better future for Uganda and the African continent. She believes that the Apprenticeship experience will equip her to continue shaping young leaders through her Academy.  “I am most excited about experiencing experiential learning. I believe it will revolutionize how we are currently completing our leadership trainings [at Evimero Leadership Academy]. . . In 5 years, I want to be consistently training young leaders from ages 14-19 throughout the year. The Apprenticeship Program will help me bring my leadership academy to the next level: learning from the best and building a strong network of support.”

The Evimero Academy seeks to equip youth with practical leadership skills to transform their communities and the world at large. To date, Evimero, which is the Greek word for thrive, has equipped over 700 young people with leadership skills with a goal of reaching 25,000 young people by 2030. “Currently, we are working with people in their mid-20s to early 30s. The Apprenticeship program will help equip me to engage with and mentor students during their high school years, when leadership opportunities are even more vast and accessible.”

Clare has long been interested in helping and uplifting the young people in Uganda. Her father, a teacher, helped her to recognize the value of education from a very young age. Her father always supported her and allowed her to chart her own journey. Clare wants to make sure all young people are provided the kind of support system and leadership skills that help them thrive as she was and positively shape Uganda. Clare has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Psychology from Makerere University, where she was a Mastercard Foundation Scholar. 

As an Apprentice, Clare will gain exposure and experience through work with CIYOTA. Clare and her peer Apprentices will also explore the big questions in education in greater depth, and apply these questions to their own aspirations, projects and careers. Through “The Nature of Learning” course, Clare will be able to explore how to build transformational learning experiences and improve the quality of her own education offerings, while the “Thinking at African Scale” course will allow her to consider the kind of model that can best achieve her desired impact. Together with a lifelong community of support through ALforEducation, Clare will be able achieve her mission of transforming education in Uganda.