Let’s get to 54!

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ALA is celebrating our 10th birthday. To date, our students have come from 46 African countries. We need your help to reach a new milestone!


This year, we've had more applications than ever before for ALA! But there are a few countries where our application numbers are small. We want to see if the ALA network can help us get at least 10 applications from EVERY African country by January 12, 2018. Here are the countries we need your help to reach through your network, and the number of applications we've received so far!



 Sao Tome and Principe  





Gabon  0

Mauritius  5

Algeria  4

Angola  9


Namibia  2

Cape Verde  2

Burkina Faso 

Libya  3

Mauritiana  1

South Sudan  8

Chad  9

Somalia  4

Benin  3

Equatorial   Guinea  0

Central African Republic  1

You may know someone who knows someone from any of these countries. Prove that your network means something  - get them to share the opportunity of ALA with those they know, or nominate a young leader today!
Help us get to 54!

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