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Since its inception, ALA has always possessed an abundance of artistic talent amongst our students. The talent was not always matched by the resource, capacity, and stage from which to practise, collaborate, and perform. This interest and passion for the arts is also present and active amongst our global network of friends, supporters, and other external stakeholders. In parallel with the installation and construction of the Creative Commons at ALA, we are setting out to galvanise and mobilise passionate and proficient artists in the ALA network through a series of intimate concerts around the world. In doing so, we aim to raise $150,000 to help fund the construction of the Creative Commons. By engaging, exciting, and involving our network of Alumni, Parents, Donors past and present as well as institutions involved in the Arts, ALA is taking a vital step forward in prioritising the creative industries in the next chapter of Africa’s story.

The Creative Arts Commons

In order to enable creative discovery and learning on campus, ALA seeks to build a Creative Arts Commons consisting of five studio spaces and a renovated auditorium. Today’s auditorium is unable to house our growing campus community, making this a mission-critical project in our Campus Master Plan. The project will modify existing spaces on campus to provide an indoor space for gatherings and workshops and to enhance and expand the Academy’s arts program. The studios will cater to the most practised and performed arts on campus, and will comprise the Dance Studio, Digital Editing and Recording Studio, Visual Arts Studio, Choir Studio, and the Music Studio.

Why art at ALA, and why now?

Many of the young leaders at ALA and the Alumni in our network aim to lead a creative revolution on the continent. ALA historically has not had the capacity to fully nurture and empower our artistic leaders. In alignment with our ALA 2023 strategy of Unleashing the Network, Becoming a Learning, Innovating, Leading School, and Winning in the Marketplace, establishing a Creative Commons is vital.

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Unleash the Network

We recognise the value in the Creative Arts sector, and are adamant in connecting our network around the Arts and accelerating the growth of creative industries on the Africa continent.

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Learning, Innovating, Leading School

By creating a new and innovative space dedicated to the Creative Arts, we broaden and enhance our mission as a leading educational and social enterprise.

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Win in the Marketplace

Identifying and engaging the numerous stakeholders in the Art and curating specific and tailored communication will create more interest and support for ALA.

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