Hatim Eltayeb

Chief Executive Officer

Hatim oversees all elements of African Leadership Academy as Chief Executive Officer, stewarding our mission to identify, develop, and connect Africa’s future leaders.

From 2016 to 2022, Hatim led the Academy’s Diploma Program as Dean of the Academy, enabling the rich community of faculty and staff in bringing our leadership learning program to life. He has represented ALA’s work at conferences and convenings across the continent as well as in Singapore, Japan, the US and at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Hatim first joined ALA in 2009 as a Teaching Fellow in the African Studies Department, which he served for three years. Between 2012 and 2016, Hatim was back in his formative home of Cairo, Egypt. With two partner educators, he founded Symposium, a school services and consulting company. Symposium’s flagship product, sympoSAT, grew to serve hundreds of students at 15 leading independent schools in Cairo. He left his executive position in 2016 to return to the Academy as Dean.

Outside of ALA, Hatim serves on the board of Streetlight Schools, an organization working to make world-class education accessible to every South African child.


School leadership


BA Government; 2009; Harvard
MA Private School Leadership; 2021 Teachers College, Columbia University

Hatim Eltayeb