Our Impact


Africa’s future will be shaped by young people who commit each day to think differently, to break boundaries, and to do hard things. Where expectations are low, mediocrity thrives. But we must not simply set higher expectations. We must redefine our expectations entirely, recognizing that the opportunities and possibilities in Africa are limited only by our own imagination and commitment.

At ALA, we believe that young people can dream big, take action and change the world.

Our youth are not only our hope for the future. They are our leaders today. They will be Africa’s greatest generation. Together, we will redefine expectations.

Our Values


We challenge the status quo and take the initiative to pursue new ideas.


We respect all people and believe that difference should be celebrated.


We empathize with and care for those around us.


We set high standards for our own achievement and celebrate the achievements of others.


We are thankful for our opportunities and are aware of our limitations.


We are people of our word, with the courage to do what is right.

Our Culture

The ALA operating principles are the foundation for our culture and guide our behaviour.

People First

Our people are the heart and the soul of the Academy.


World Class in What We Do

At the Academy, we constantly ask: would this be par with the world?


Everyone is an agent of positive change in our organisation and in the African continent.



We always seek a "better-way" to push ourselves to a new frontier.


We achieve more than anyone thinks is possible with less than anyone thinks is possible.


We live by our values in all that we do.


We do not work around each other but with each other.

Work Hard. Have Fun.

We work hard because we are passionate about what we do and we have fun together.

Dream Big

We dream big because we know we can achieve our dreams.

Never Lose Faith

We do not give up easily, even in the toughest times.

Celebrate Victories

We take time to publicly celebrate our achievements large and small.


We are ambassadors for the Academy and share the Academy vision broadly.

Share Information Broadly

Making information available to all empowers everyone.

Plan for Tomorrow - and the Next Century

We will positively impact Africa in perpetuity, and our true impact will only be left over several generations.

Engage Each Day with the Future Leaders of Africa


Taalu is an Arabic word meaning ‘come together’ and this is the opening ceremony of our academic year where we bond with each other through our diversity.

Founder Day

ALA community celebrates its founders through competitive athletic events.


E-Fest is a grand celebration of entrepreneurship at the Academy. 


We welcome our dearest parents every year on our annual Parent weekend. They get to witness our community in action, attend classes, join our assembly gathering, interact with faculty members and student enterprises over two days. 

Parents Weekend

We welcome our dearest parents every year on our annual Parent weekend. They get to witness our community in action, attend classes, join our assembly gathering, interact with faculty members and a student enterprises over two days.

South Africa Ideas Festival

Once a year in the month of February, a selected cohort of enterprising and ambitious youth from all over the African continent convene for a momentous Ideas Festival at the African Leadership Academy. 

Hear From Our Parents

"In 2009, a friend casually mentioned a certain African Leadership Academy during our morning work out. The following year, I went to Johannesburg to see this too-good-to-be-true Academy. Fast-forward 10 years after that visit, all my children have graduated from ALA! I don’t know of any better transformational experience my wife and I could have offered our children!"

Awoke Ogbo
Chiro Ogbo, ALA 18'

"ALA shaped my daughter Waigumo  into the leader she is today. My deep appreciation goes to the school for providing opportunities to enable her embrace and truly discover her multifaceted characteristics and unknown talents. 

Through the various opportunities ALA provided, she developed sound depth in academic research, engaged in arenas that increased her holistic knowledge on African youth and political leadership, empowerment of women on the African continent and engaged in riveting discourses on how to propel the versatile continent into unforeseen heights. With fondness, we are  grateful to ALA for not only  inspiring  her deep passion for mathematics but  propelling  her to a mind shift of holistic excellence;   By gaining a network of like-minded and lifelong friends, I have no doubt that Waigumo will aid in the development of a more equitable, sustainable, and technologically driven future for Africa."

Wachuka Njama
Waigumo Njama, ALA 18'

"Every student is unique but she/he needs to be nurtured further in order to bloom and ALA is the place that provides the necessary space and opportunities to bring out this uniqueness of its students. Here, no one is a competitor to anyone but rather, only a complement for each other. The student only competes with herself/himself to reach greater heights. How ALA transforms young promising minds within 2 years (filled with challenges, opportunities, diversity, care and fun) into future passionate leaders, can only be experienced and cherished over a lifetime by a parent. "

Priyabrata Mandal
Annanyabrata Mandal, ALA 18'

"When Francis approached us back in 2013, as Parents, that he wanted to go to ALA, and would therefore fall behind by a year, if he was to leave Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS)  in Lilongwe, Malawi, we debated the merit of this audacious move. Eventually, we resolved that, no, let us not stand in his way. Let him join ALA, maybe his destiny will be shaped there. I am glad to say, we do not regret he attended ALA. By the time he was finishing at ALA, we noticed that he had certainly matured beyond his age and peers at BMIS. He was brimming with enthusiasm and full of confidence, with a clear focus of what he wanted to do in life.  We believe ALA taught him to believe in himself."

Lemson Chitawo
Francis Chitawo, ALA 14'