Ivory Coast - We Develop Africa's Top Leaders


Are you one of Cote d'Ivoire's future leaders? Perhaps you are a parent or mentor of one? Discover why the very best choice is to study at ALA.


African Leadership Academy seeks to develop Africa's next generation of young leaders to transform the continent. To achieve our mission, we seek to identify youth who show the spark of initiative; who see what can be and strive to make it so. These young leaders are immersed in an intensive program of intellectual growth and hands-on leadership development. We connect them to a powerful network along their path to transformative impact in Africa.


  • Africa's most diverse school community - we offer our young leaders a home away from home where they learn with others from 35+ African countries
  • An internationally accredited high school diploma  - ALA students write the Cambridge International Exams, (A-levels), the world's most widely recognised pre-university credential.
  • Pioneering entrepreneurship & leadership courses - we provide amazing opportunities to learn and practice being a leader and an entrepreneur - including running your own business.
  • World-class boarding school facilities  - A fully residential campus with newly renovated dormitories, classrooms, auditorium, dining hall, science labs, our innovative arts precinct and sports facilities

ALA could take you places!

  • ALA is uniquely placed to support students with international dreams and aspirations - whether you hope to be an entrepreneur, diplomat, social activist, scientist, inventor and political leader - ALA's community will help you explore your interests and develop your skills.
  • Students who graduate from ALA have been accepted to leading universities and colleges across the globe. Our team of experienced university guidance counselors works with each student to help them prepare for and navigate the entire university application process.
  •  ALA truly prepares students for success in university and for life, anywhere in the world. Our rigorous academic program is complemented with sport, wellness, creativity and cultural activities.
  • We continuously support our students after graduating from ALA as they start careers, launch ventures, and pursue their goals beyond the Academy walls. A dedicated team provides alumni with lifelong access to powerful networks and global opportunities.



Do you want to become an economist or computer programmer? Meet Hassane Meite from Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire. His thirst for excellence led him to participate in different contests on a national and an international scale, such as the German clubs national Olympiads and International Mathematics Olympiads in Cape Town, South Africa.

Hassane has a keen interest in coding  and a passion for mathematics and economics.  At ALA he was a member of the organisation committee of the 1st edition of a pan-African applied mathematics competition that was run by ALA. This gave him the opportunity to challenge himself and to continue to seek ways he could improve his skills.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial Economics and a minor degree in Computer Science at New York University Abu Dhabi. Software programming, Finance, and entrepreneurship are special areas of interest for him.

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