Future Scientists Thrive at ALA

Are you one of Africa's future doctors, engineers or scientists? Do you want to pursue a career in Actuarial Science or Biomedical Engineering? Explore your passion at ALA.


African Leadership Academy seeks to develop Africa's next generation of young leaders to transform the continent. To achieve our mission, we seek to identify youth who show the spark of initiative; who see what can be and strive to make it so. These young leaders are immersed in an intensive program of intellectual growth and hands-on leadership development. We connect them to a powerful network along their path to transformative impact in Africa.

What we offer:

include courses from the Natural Sciences, the Humanities & Languages and Commerce. Courses are offered at a range of levels. There is also the choice of an online Computer Programming course.

  • Cambridge International Examinations  -  including A-levels, the world's most widely recognised pre-university credential
  • Dedicated STEM departments  - learn and explore curriculum in science, technology, computer programming and math - and participate in the Math and Science Olympiads
  • Scientific Research - we equip students with skills and tools to complete scientific research projects, that develop communication and analytical skills
  • A diverse community - we offer our young leaders a home away from home where they engage with others from 30+ African countries
  • World-class facilities  - fully residential (boarding) campus with newly renovated dormitories, classrooms, auditorium, dining hall, science labs, our innovative arts precinct and sports facilities



Julia Agudogo (Ghana), an alum of the Academy (Class of 2011), who is a graduate of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University in North Carolina. She participated in Rice 360°’s annual Global Health Design Competition as a one-woman team and won for her design of speculum-free cervical imaging. Her innovation addresses the need for women to undergo essential screenings that can save their lives while eliminating their fear of cost and experiencing pain. Julia’s offering also promises applicability in various other areas such as self-colposcopy exams.


  • Students who graduate from ALA attend leading universities across the globe. Our team of experienced university guidance counselors works with students to help them prepare for and navigate the entire university application process. Find the list of top universities and study abroad colleges here.
  •  ALA is an accredited Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and SAT test centre. CIE is the world’s most popular international examination for high school students and A-Levels is accepted as proof of academic preparedness for entry into outstanding universities globally.
  •  ALA offers a unique curriculum that includes courses with a specific focus on entrepreneurship and leadership amongst other subjects. With our resourceful labs and international relations programs, we are the best school for future scientists and future diplomats who want to hone their skills.
  •  We continuously support our students after graduating from ALA as they start careers, launch ventures, and pursue their goals beyond the Academy walls. A dedicated team provides alumni with lifelong access to powerful networks and life changing opportunities.

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