About DeJen: ALA Parents Association

“DeJen, an Amharic word from Ethiopia, means foundation or support.  This word is symbolic of the work we will do together to make ALA that much stronger during your child’s years with the Academy and beyond.  With your volunteer support, all ALA parents will have a foundation that encourages and embraces the value of community, life-long engagement that will foster friendships, networking opportunities that nurtures not only our young charges on campus but alumni, parents and friends from your home country.  It is with your enthusiasm and commitment to our team’s mission and goals that we succeed.”

ALA DeJen Parents Association serves to connect parents to the Academy and to each other, while building traditions and fostering student and alumni engagement during the years that follow graduation and beyond. Established in March 2016, ALA DeJen is committed to the creation of country chapters for parents with the intent of developing a uniquely connected community using social media and other engagement activities to extend the reach of our ALA “family.”

Our Vision

Advancing ALA by leveraging parent engagement through a strong networked association of parent chapters, breaking down national, regional and cultural barriers across Africa and enabling the development of the future leaders of our great continent.

Our Mission

To support, inform and engage parents on the life of the Academy; to promote meaningful parent involvement that will encourage student success and development; and provide opportunities for families to connect with one another in their home countries and Africa at large.

Our Beliefs

• Our parents are a crucial and important stakeholder in enabling ALA fulfill its mission
• Our parents can offer critical feedback that can enable the Academy to refine its programs
• Our parents are our students’ biggest cheerleaders and ALA’s valuable ambassadors