Watch the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership in Action!

In 2010, in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, ALA created the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, a place to not only develop leaders at ALA, but also to gather thought-leaders, practitioners, & experts to push Entrepreneurial Leadership forward across Africa & the world. Today, we have pinpointed the mindsets, skills, and behaviors on which the leaders of the future should focus. We leverage our experience to exponentially grow the reach and impact of our mission while simultaneously empowering educational and development organizations to expedite their own success.


We connect a global Entrepreneurial Leadership education community. We equip you with the necessary tools to run our two year Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum or specific units. Partners join our online community, where innovative educators from around the world gain support to strengthen their work.

Enterpreneural Leadership For All

In collaboration with the Susan McKinnon Foundation, the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership hosted its inaugural Entrepreneurial Leadership For All symposium in March 2017. It is a convening of pioneering institutions looking at making Entrepreneurial Leadership(EL) a pivot in transformative learning.

Educator Training

Our multi-day in-residence workshops equip educators to replicate core components of ALA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership education model. They include experiential sessions, class observations, one-on-one coaching, immersion in ALA campus life, and collaboration with other educators.