Global Summer Short Courses

Our Global Summer Short Courses are an opportunity for students around the world to learn directly from the future leaders of the African continent while engaging in rigorous and practical leadership development, entrepreneurship, and design-thinking courses.

Our Approach


African Leadership Academy has developed and refined an innovative core curriculum in which all students learn leadership and discover Africa through structured experiential learning. Our summer short courses are intentionally designed to virtually bring the very best content and learning to students around the world.


Core to our learning experiences are the people we bring together and the intentional communities we build. This program is led by the brightest emerging leaders from around Africa for a diverse group of students from the USA and beyond. Our program is designed for students to learn from each other, share their experiences, and build an informed world view. Each course is intentionally small, with no more than nine students and two facilitators.

Course Offering

A continent with 54 countries, over 3,000 languages, complex history, and arguably some of the best music genres in the world - this course will help students discover the diversity and beauty of Africa alongside young leaders from the continent. Adapted from ALA’s flagship African Studies curriculum, each participant will work on an individual research project for presentation to their peers at the end of the course.

Each summer, ALA brings students from across the world together for its Global Scholars Program - which helps each student develop their capacity as an entrepreneurial leader and develop their understanding of ALA’s BUILD design thinking methodology. This short course brings that ALA experience online, with an escalating series of “BUILD Labs” that help students develop as entrepreneurial leaders and imagine solutions to challenges in their own communities. Each student will be challenged to pitch their own Original Idea at the end of the program, developing a skill-set that will serve long beyond this program.

This course is exactly what it sounds like: the space for brilliant minds to imagine the future through deep discussions of some of the most important challenges facing our society. A challenging prereading will be provided in advance of each session, which will ignite curiosity and foster discussion of critical issues facing our shared global future - from inequality to climate change, to automation, to human rights. The conversations should shape new perspectives and define how we engage with the global society of the 21st century. This course brings alive the complex challenges in front of us today
and provides the space for each student to creatively articulate and present their ideal vision of the future.

Learn from leaders like Anu and Thaksheel

Thaksheel Nirvaan Alleck
Anuarite Gikonyo

Thaksheel Nirvaan Alleck '18 (Mauritius) is passionate about entrepreneurship and education. At ALA he ran the African Leadership Consulting Group, which assisted in the business development of multiple enterprises in South Africa.

He also helped organize and host the South African Ideas Festival which created the space for more than 35 brilliant young leaders in South Africa to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and ventures. He is currently creating online content to help students reach even their most ambitious goals during High School or at University.

Anuarite Gikonyo '18 (Kenya) is a writer, artist and education enthusiast born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. She is inspired by the role that creative, critical thinking plays in the reformation of systems, reclamation of identities and liberation of minds.

If you wish to experience some of her other work, you may do so through Art, to her, is a philosophy. It is a form of studying the fundamentals of belief systems and societal structures, and the ways in which the two influence each other. She is particularly drawn to these concepts as they relate to the African continent.

Session dates

SESSION 1: July 6th - July 17th      l      SESSION 2: July 20th - July 31st

Thaksheel Nirvaan Alleck
  • All sessions will be taking place on Zoom and other online learning platforms.
  • Participants will require a functioning device that can connect to the internet.
  • Courses will have 75 mins of daily contact hours for middle-schoolers, and 90 mins for high-schoolers. A flexible additional hour of independent work time is recommended.
  • Courses begin at 9 am EST from Monday to Friday or at 9 am PDT, depending on time-zones.
  • Participants should be enthusiastic and ready to engage!


$90 /course, per participant

FOR GROUPS (10+ students)

$60 /course, per participant

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