David Ouma

Head of African Studies

David Ouma is the Head of African Studies at ALA. Mr.Ouma leads a team of African Studies Faculty who facilitate learning that provides a context within which students are encouraged to develop perspectives on and examine their own connections to the broader African community.

Mr. Ouma articulates the department’s strategies in achieving the mission and strategic goals of the Academy and sets departmental objectives, assessments, and policies accordingly in cooperation with the members of the department. He participates productively as a member of the Heads of Department in order ensure curricular integration throughout the Academy and exchange information and ideas regarding the school program. In addition, he evaluates continuously the performance of each teacher in the department through formal and informal goal setting, professional development and evaluation activities, culminating in an annual evaluation conference.

Mr. Ouma previously worked for Braeburn Group of International Schools as a teacher of History, Sociology, and Inclusion. Braeburn Schools’ philosophy of International Education is directed by Cambridge Assessment International Education and the British National Curriculum.
At ALA, Mr. Ouma is part of the team that coordinates the International Relations Council. He is also an assistant coach of the boys’ basketball team.


International Relations


Master’s Degree, International Relations – United States International University (USIU)


Thesis on Regionalism: ‘Intra State Conflict, Damper to East African Integration’.


AS/A Level History
African Studies

David Ouma