Gabaza Tiba

Admissions Associate

Gabaza’s core role in admissions is identifying prospective ALA students in application reading and interviewing for both anglophone and francophone countries.

Gabaza assists in identifying Africa’s future leaders by reading applications, interviewing candidates online as well as through finalist days in ALA’s major markets in West and East Africa.

Gabaza Tiba is a South African UCT graduate with a Social Science Bachelor’s degree in Media, Writing and Religious studies from the University of Cape Town. With a French Baccalaureat from the Jules Verne French School, she carries an expansive socio-cultural capital that has allowed her to occupy professional positions as executive assistant to the award-winning singer, businesswoman and humanitarian Yvonne ‘’Chaka Chaka’’ Mhinga as well as independent economist, strategist and writer Trudi Makhaya. She currently holds the position of Admissions Associate at African Leadership Academy where her interests and passion for Pan-Africanism, youth issues, feminism, literature, humanitarianism, and multiculturism intersect.

Gabaza is active in her advisory families, participates in seminal readings, has hosted assemblies, and hosted the 2020 Anzisha awards virtually.


Interpersonal skills


BA Social Sciences – Religion, media and writing.

Speaking Engagements

2020 Anzisha awards

Gabaza Tiba