Africa’s future will be shaped by young people who commit each day to think differently, to break boundaries, and to do hard things.

Where expectations are low, mediocrity thrives. But we must not simply set higher expectations. We must redefine our expectations entirely, recognizing that the opportunities and possibilities in Africa are limited only by our own imagination and commitment.

At ALA, we believe that young people can dream big, take action and change the world. Our youth are not only our hope for the future. They are our leaders today. They will be Africa’s greatest generation.

Together, we will redefine expectations.


Dream Big.

Are you one of Africa’s future leaders? Perhaps you are a parent or mentor of one? Discover why the very best choose to study at ALA.

Take Action.

At ALA, we continuously support our students as they pursue their goals beyond the Academy walls. Learn how our hgdfhdfhdfhdfhdfghdfg

Change the world.

Invest in the Future of Africa! Your support of ALA is more than charitable contribution – it is an investment in the future dfhdsghdsghdsgh