Pride Nzima

South Africa

Academic Registrar

The role of the Academic Registrar is to act as the resource for academic information relating to student record management as well as being responsible for the maintenance and integrity of said academic records.

I organize and administer student records. Ensure student records such as grades stay up to date as well as putting together their periodic reports and transcripts for communication. Keep learning and student management systems updated whilst ensuring they are also accessible to our faculty.

When I first joined ALA, I had a couple of years’ work experience as an administrator in different industries from Sasol to being a PA at a construction company. The bulk of my experience comes from the several years of working at ALA and through the multiple positions I have held.

Angeline is part of the student ambassadors team and proud to work with a team of ambitious young leaders.



Database Management and Analytics


Web Design, Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology
Computer and Information Science, MSA