Bilha Ndirangu


Chief Executive Officer

Bilha Ndirangu joined African Leadership Academy in 2021 as the first non-founder CEO in our history. She is driven to build great organizations that will shape Africa’s future in her lifetime.

Prior to joining African Leadership Academy, Bilha was the CEO of Africa’s Talking, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Africa’s Talking enables the continent’s technology ecosystem by empowering software developers. Over seven years, Bilha expanded Africa’s Talking into 20 markets, with offices in 14 African countries, over one hundred employees, and eight figures in USD revenue. Throughout her time at Africa’s Talking, Bilha gained a reputation as an extraordinary operator and team builder. She has been recognized as an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

Bilha previously worked at Dalberg, where she was the first employee of the consulting firm’s Nairobi office. At Dalberg, she advised governments, corporations, and foundations across the continent on solutions to African challenges. She particularly thrived in education projects, including the design and delivery of Wings to Fly, Kenya’s leading secondary school scholarship program, with Equity Group and the Mastercard Foundation. To date, Wings to Fly has enabled over 26,000 promising youth in Kenya to access high-quality secondary education; the program has also become one of African Leadership Academy’s most important recruitment partners.

Bilha holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before returning to Africa, she worked with the Mitchell Madison Group in New York City. When she is not imagining Africa’s future, you might find Bilha completing a workout at a local CrossFit.


Bilha Ndirangu on the opportunity to lead African Leadership Academy:

“ALA is so much more than a school. ALA and its staff, students, and alumni are defining Africa’s leadership agenda, which I see as the single most important lever for our development. ALA offers the kind of education that every African child deserves, and in the years ahead, I see ALA expanding the impact of its educational model across Africa. ALA also nurtures an entrepreneurial ecosystem that recognizes the potential of young people to build businesses and create jobs. Quite simply: ALA believes that young people are already leaders. I am excited to work with my new colleagues to mobilize the power of youth on the continent.”


Bilha Ndirangu on the power of educational institutions:

“I learned of MIT from a physics teacher in my high school, and MIT fostered learnings, networks, and connections that have enabled my professional life since. I understand the role educators play in expanding the horizons and shaping the lives of promising young people. I also understand the way in which institutional networks at places like ALA unlock opportunities and accelerate impact. I am honored by the challenge to shape and steward ALA’s network, and to learn alongside ALA’s students and teachers.”

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