PROFESSOR RAJMOHAN GANDHI is the president of Initiatives of Change–International (IofC), the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, a journalist, an academic and a political activist. Rajmohan Gandhi was born in 1935, New Delhi to Devdas Gandhi, son of the Mahatma and managing editor of the Daily Hindustan Times.  His maternal grandfather was C Rajagopalachari Rajaji, the first Indian Governor General of independent India and one of the leading freedom fighters of his day.

Currently, Professor Gandhi is also a research professor at the University of Illinois in the US where his interests in history cover the current state of South Asia, Hindu-Muslim and India-Pakistan relations and the resolution of ethnic tensions. He has written widely about the Indian independence movement and its leaders as well as on India-Pakistani relations.  He has also written biographies of both his grandfathers, the latest being a major study of Mahatma Gandhi, published in 2006.

Professor Gandhi has also served as a member of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament and has led the Indian Government delegation to the UN Human Rights Commission annual meetings in Geneva.  He has also held appointments as visiting professor in the US and Japan and received honorary degrees from universities in Canada, Japan and Kyrgyz Republic.