WENDY WALLACE’s work experience includes three years leading a team of F-16 engineers in the US Air Force, four years teaching college courses in business and engineering at the US Air Force Academy, and two years as a management consultant working on strategy, climate change, education, and women’s leadership. Ms. Wallace was also  involved in running leadership training for students both at the USAir Force Academy where she served as an assistant professor there and a women’s leadership initiative at her management consulting firm.

Apart from her exposure to the armed services and her corporate work, Ms. Wallace describes herself as having a heart for mentoring women and students. She has provided mentorship to college students, women at her church in Poland, women in prison, and prostitutes in India – where she helped them develop candle-making skills to become employable at a manufacturing company. In addition to social and psychological mentorship, Ms. Wallace has provided assistance to university students creating business plans for technology and entrepreneurship courses.