Yvette Raphael is the Monitoring and Evaluation Program Officer for the Johns Hopkins University Health and Education Programs in South Africa. She is an amazing and phenomenal vocal HIV activist – representing the female face of AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Diagnosed with HIV in 2000 at her young age, motivations towards tackling HIV and AIDS drove her towards helping children and young people living with HIV in South Africa and beyond! She is a Hope Voices International Ambassador, and has been a critical figure in the South African media with regards to addressing the issue of HIV at a grassroots level.

In 2003, she was appointed Chairperson of PHILANI, an HIV and AIDS counseling service with mission to assist communities in dealing with HIV and AIDS as well as other social issues on a daily basis. Yvette is also a founding member of a Hospice and Care center in the Midrand, Johannesburg – that cares for People living with HIV and AIDS in Gauteng. She was recently awarded the Melvin Jones Fellowship for her work with orphaned and vulnerable children in Ivory Park as part of her many awards and international accolades in the field of HIV and AIDS leadership.

She continues to be a spark of inspiration to millions of young people and women around the world through her messages and documentaries in the field of HIV and AIDS and her international speaking engagements. She is part of the Brothers for Life celebrity movement in South Africa working towards enhancing male leadership in the AIDS response in South Africa and beyond.