Kalliope Kruesmann


Anzisha Education Accelerator

Kalliope is an ALA alumnus and the current Sector Lead of the ALforEducation Network. Originally German, raised in China and schooled in South Africa and the UK, Kalliope has a defined passion for global education reform and innovation. After ALA she pursued her studies in Social Anthropology and African Studies at SOAS, University of London, drawing focus on postcolonial education reform and the role of linguistic policies in curriculum innovation. Alongside a variety of projects and independent consulting work, she has designed for Minerva Schools KGI’s global experiential curriculum as well as set up supplementary school programs in the UK in efforts to address the persistently growing attainment gap. Kalliope has come back to ALA to channel her passion into helping shape ALA’s education sector network. For the past years, she has been working to keep the expansive network connected, build-out impactful professional development opportunities for young people interested in the sector, and support education entrepreneurs to succeed in their ventures and accelerate their impact on the continent. Alongside her work, she is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Innovation at the University of Cambridge.

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