Stacey-Lee Watson-Jacobs

South Africa

Residential Wellness Counsellor

Stacey-Lee works in the Wellness Department as a Residential Counsellor where she provides support to the a Residential Faculty life.

Stacey-Lee is an Educational Psychologist in the Wellness Department who provides counselling for students. She works within the Residential Faculty to help manage after-hour crises.

Previously, Stacey-Lee worked as a teacher from 2014 to 2017. During her time teaching, she became a registered counsellor and served at a Special Needs school before joining ALA in 2019.

Stacey-Lee is a Board Member for two Student Enterprises on campus. The two Student Enterprises, YANA and Currisex, focus on the subjects of sexual health and wellness.

Stacey-Lee Watson


Educational Assessments
Assess Learning Disabilities
Diagnose Learning Disabilities


BEd (Bachelor in Education)
Honours in Educational Psychology
Masters in Educational Psychology