Eddy Oketch

Founder of Peace for African and Economic Development (PAD)

  • Eddy was born as the seventh child in a struggling family of eight siblings and grew up in my underdeveloped village of Mang’ong’o in Migori District of Kenya.
  • After his mother’s death, Eddy was forced to drop out of school to provide for his younger siblings, working side jobs including working on tobacco farms, in backstreet canteens as a dish-washer and as a garbage collector, earning meager wages so that he could buy food for his family
  • In response to the post-election violence that broke out in Kenya in 2008, Eddy founded Peace for African and Economic Development (PAD) mobilizing 11,000 youth ambassadors to foster peace.
  • Eddie’s remarkable leadership story earned him a place in ALA’s inaugural class. While at ALA, Eddie continued to develop PAD, leveraging off the leadership skills and networks that were being nurtured at ALA
  • In his gap year after graduating from ALA, he continued to work on PAD, launching a mobile phone campaign, holding unity concerts, convincing politicians to make public declarations, and ultimately bringing together 350,000 youth and engaging 5 million voters in Kenya in PAD’s message for peace.
  • Eddy has participated in leading conferences around the globe including the World Economic Forum, the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative, and the G8 Summit, where he was a panel leader.
  • He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Yale’s Institute for Global Affairs
Eddy with ALA founders Fred Swaniker and Chris Bradford

Eddy with ALA founders Fred Swaniker and Chris Bradford

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