Edward Ndopu

Youth and Advocacy Coordinator for Africa, Amnesty International

  • Eddie comes from Johannesburg, South Africa and an alumnus of ALA’s inaugural class.
  • Named one of the 200 Most Influential Young South Africans by the Mail and Guardian Newspaper, Eddie is currently a Youth and Advocacy Coordinator for Africa under the International Secretariat at Amnesty International in Johannesburg.
  • Eddie recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Critical Pedagogies.
  • During his college years, Eddie served as a Research Analyst at the World Economic Forum to examine the links between business and education, and as a Program Associate for the Clinton Global Initiative’s Global Minimum InLabs project.
  • At ALA, Eddie founded the Global Strategy for Inclusive Education, a student-led campaign aimed at facilitating the educational rights of children with disabilities living in emerging market economies.
  • In addition to his advocacy work, Eddie writes and edits for numerous publications, including The Feminist Wire.

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