Kita Abuodha

  • Kita, from Kenya, is one of the bright young minds at our Academy
  • Her favorite subject is African Studies, because it teaches her to understand the African continent’s past and future prospects
  • The subject (African Studies) also provides the platform to unveil her identity and how it can be used to better her community
  • She plans to study International Development, taking a minor course in Agriculture.
  • She hopes to use the skills she acquires to ensure that rural farmers on the continent are not only efficient but also maximize their profits to improve their living standards
  • Kita is the Co-founder and head of communications of the Student Enterprise Green- Link. The enterprise to address environmental degradation in Africa by establishing environmentally-focused innovation clubs in high schools
  • She is a student ambassador – and  represents ALA through giving tours and having luncheons with guests visiting campus
  • Furthermore, Kita is a member of the electoral supervisory council. Integrity is the main value within the council. Kita works alongside her members to ensure that elections are freely, fairly and transparently run