Laetitia Mukungu

Founder of the Africa Rabbit Center

  • Laetitia grew up with her mother in the remote village of Bukura, Kenya and has never known her father.
  • She dropped out of school at age 13 because her family could not afford to pay her school fees.
  • At the age of 14, Laetitia founded the Women’s Rabbit Association (now the Africa Rabbit Centre), a cooperative organization that raises and sells rabbits, their fur, and their waste products to help local women pay for their children’s education.
  • By the age of 15, her organization employed 15 women, funded 65 children to go to school and provided micro-loans to women, enabling them to create 3 new businesses.
  • Laetitia’s extraordinary achievements earned her a place as a finalist in the Anzisha Prize, a pan-African prize for young entrepreneurs, run by ALA in conjunction with the MasterCard Foundation, as well as a place in ALA’s class of 2012.
  • As a student at ALA, Laetitia was connected to numerous leadership opportunities which helped to fast track her leadership trajectory. Among them: Laetitia was selected as a speaker at AGCO’s annual conference in Berlin, where she was awarded $10,000 for the Women’s Rabbit Association. She was also a guest speaker at the Winchester International Symposium.
  • At ALA, Laetitia was CEO of the profitable student enterprise, Aggrinovation, selling organic vegetables and herbs to the local community and exceeding their revenue forecasts by 350%.
  • During her summer break at ALA, Laetitia established a community school in Kenya that today educates over 400 students
  • Laetitia is currently pursuing a degree in agriculture at Earth University, Costa Rica
    • She hopes to expand the Africa Rabbit Center and form e-groups in order to connect rural rabbit farmers to markets across Africa, and to build large-scale agricultural enterprises across the continent.
Caption: Laetitia (2nd from right) at ALA with her student enterprise, Aggrinnovation

Caption: Laetitia (2nd from right) at ALA with her student enterprise, Aggrinnovation

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