Mariem Bchir

Founder of Show Me How You Teach

  • Mariem was born in Tunis, Tunisia and is the eldest in a family of four.
  • As a high school student in Tunisia during the Tunisian revolution, Mariem set up a youth group to enable young Tunisians to safely share their opinions and views.
  • As a student at ALA, Mariem once again played an active role in mobilizing young people to air their political views as the Director of Administration for ALA’s Model African Union.
  • Mariem is also deeply passionate about empowering others through education. As an ALA student, Mariem was the curriculum developer at EmoArt, a student enterprise that aims to empower young girls in Johannesburg through the medium of art.
  • During her long break between her first and second years at ALA, Mariem piloted her project Show me How You Teach, a teacher training program aiming to instill passion, emotional intelligence and teaching skills into high school and middle school educators in Tunisia.
  • Mariem was admitted at Davidson College and will join their class of 2020.
  • Mariem has deferred her college degree by a year to focus on developing Show me How You Teach. She will also be interning in educational institutions within the continent, with a view to implementing the skills and knowledge gained into her own project.