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How GSP Goes Beyond Inspiring Young Global Citizens

African Leadership Academy’s Global Scholars Program is not your ordinary summer camp. A truly global program aimed at young aspiring leaders from all over the world, comprising facilitators from all over the world, this unique mid-year holiday program is a transformative...

Nurturing Excellence: Celebrating the ALA Class of 2021

In the heart of Africa's inspiring journey toward transformation stands a beacon of hope and empowerment: the African Leadership Academy (ALA). At the forefront of cultivating the continent's next generation of leaders, ALA's mission is to forge young minds...

Derek Smith named Sixth Dean of the Academy

After a robust worldwide search process, we are delighted to announce that Mr. Derek Smith has been appointed as the sixth Dean of African Leadership Academy. With a strong background in education and a deep commitment to fostering leadership...

ALforGovernance Presents a Thought Provoking Masterclass about the Decolonization of Education

On Tuesday, July 14th, members of the ALA community took part in meaningful discussions around the topic of decolonizing education on the African continent. The ALA Networks Team has scheduled four Masterclasses for the ALA community until the end of 2020. The goal of the series is to display how global challenges pertaining to people navigating a dynamic world can be successfully addressed in the governance and development sector. The virtual classrooms of 20-25 participants will bring together industry experts from around the world with experience in conflict management, peacebuilding, government, diplomacy, education, politics and humanitarian work and will teach on practical ways for the community to sharpen their skills and build their understanding on each topic.

Build in a Box – BUILDing an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Across Africa

Today, half of Africa’s population of almost one billion people is under the age of 25 and it is estimated that by 2040, one in five of the world’s youth will be African. This continent’s richness of youth is...

Maxwell Simba ’19: From Nairobi to Johannesburg via Hollywood

Growing up in small agricultural town called Kitali in northern Rift Valley, Kenya, Maxwell Simba discovered from a young age that that he had a passion for the arts, specifically acting. Today at African Leadership Academy, Maxwell is often found not only flexing his acting muscles with his peers in the Ubuntu Theatre Troupe on campus but also behind the camera documenting events as he aspires to pursue a path in film directing.

African Leadership Academy & African Leadership Foundation welcome five new Board members

African Leadership Academy and African Leadership Foundation are pleased to announce five new Board Members. Each of these individuals brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion for empowering African youth to become the continent's future leaders. They will...

ALA Alumni Attend Professional Development ‘Baraza’ in New York

Eighty-One ALA graduates currently studying in the United States of America (USA) gathered in New York City from January 8th — 10th, 2015 for an annual professional development programme organized by African Leadership Foundation (ALF). The Baraza (Swahili word...

AL for Governance Launches Umholi we Africa Public Leadership Fellowship 

At ALA, we believe in the power of organized and purposeful communities to harness the power of connections to achieve greater impact in their work. That is why we have created six sector communities that drive this agenda. Each community...

ALA Celebrates the Class of 2021

On June 15th, 2023, ALA celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2021, filling the campus with overflowing joy. We bid farewell to these extraordinary young leaders who have left an indelible mark on ALA, guided by the African...

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