Dexter Padayachee

Associate Director of University Guidance

Dexter works with the University Guidance team to ensure pathways for students after completing the Two-Year Diploma program.

Dexter advises students on university and gap year options. He also works on strengthening and developing partnerships with universities across the globe. Dexter previously worked as a University Guidance Counsellor from 2017-2018.

After graduating from college, Dexter worked as the International Students Coordinator at Amherst College and served as a member on the Diversity and Inclusion task team, as well as the Internationalization of Liberal Arts Committee. He then returned to South Africa to pursue his MA in English Literature and Modernity at the University of Cape Town where he tutored courses in English and Art History, as well as taught a seminar on African and diasporic literature. After working at ALA in 2017-2018, he worked as an education consultant in China, Great China International Education, where he helped develop cultural awareness curriculum for schools and counselled students on applying to universities around the world.

Dexter is the co-founder of Africa: Queered! at ALA that supports and promotes equity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ identifying students and staffulty, as well as welcomes allies to engage in meaningful dialogue.


Relationship Management
Career and Guidance Counselling
Communications Strategy


BA Black Studies Amherst College
Candidate MA English Literature and Modernity

Honours and Awards

Nelson Scholarship at Amherst College, Stonewall Prize

Dexter Padayachee