Jake Galloway

Head of the Year One Class and Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty, 2014

Jake is the Head of the Year One class and is a member of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty at ALA. Jake ensures the holistic wellness of the Year One class, manages a variety of Student Life projects, and teaches Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Jake’s role as the Year One Head includes critically examining and improving various student-facing programs implemented at ALA. As part of Jake’s responsibility as the Head of the Year One class, he completed a comprehensive overhaul of the Year One Orientation program and co-designed a student wellness tracker. This tool enables ALA to mobilize and provide coaching to students struggling with a range of social-emotional and academic issues. In Jake’s management of the Advisory Program at ALA which ensures the mentorship of every student enrolled in the Two-Year Diploma program, he has completely revised the program by clarifying roles, designing development sessions for faculty, and implementing monitoring and evaluation tools. Lastly, Jake implemented the redesign of the campus job program which provides the opportunity for students to gain practical experience in a work environment and understand the value of financial independence.

Previously, Jake worked for the Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Hargeisa, Somaliland starting in 2011 as a Writing and African History teacher. A year later, he became Dean of Boys and oversaw the holistic development of all male students. During his time at Abaarso School of Science and Technology, Jake led a team of 16 student proctors to design and implement innovative policies and procedures. Together, they designed culturally-relevant disciplinary standards to improve student behaviour.

Jake provides coaching to the Student Government at ALA to help the students understand from a young age the benefits of practicing democratic and effective leadership.


Curriculum Design
Project Management
Design Thinking


BA – Pacific Lutheran University – Philosophy
MA – Columbia University – Private School Leadership (In progress)

Honours and Awards

2016 – ALA’s Transformative Performer of the Year


Entrepreneurial Leadership

Jake Galloway