Jeremy Keen

African Studies: African Studies and History Teacher

Jeremy teaches African Studies and History at African Leadership Academy. He teaches Cambridge Assessment International Education History and is also part of the African Studies team responsible for designing and delivering the Year 1 African Studies course.

Jeremy joined ALA in 2016. He currently teaches History for Year 2 students and African Studies for Year 1 students. Jeremy’s African Studies course enables students to develop an understanding on how the past has shaped present-day challenges and opportunities on the continent they call home. The Year 2 History course builds on the skills the students gained in Year 1. New skills of close analysis are introduced which include identifying the argument of the historian and explaining how the historian validates their positions.

Jeremy began his teaching career in the South African public school sector, before moving into the private school sector where he gained experience in the Cambridge system.
Jeremy assists the Interact team in their on-campus and off-campus community outreach.


CAIE History
Fine-tuning course designs
Rubric Development


BA (Ed) Hons – WITS University, UNISA.


African Studies Year 1
CAIE History

Jeremy Keen