Josh Adler

Vice President, Growth & Entrepreneurship

Josh is building sustainable businesses within ALA to reduce our dependence on donor funding. He also oversees our entrepreneurship programs for students and alumni.

Josh pilots new business ideas and approaches to our work each year. Those that are successful are then mainstreamed into the rest of the Academy. As a long-serving executive, he manages a number of our teams including Operations and IT as well as the Anzisha Prize program – one of our largest partnerships. He spends most of his time guiding others, and runs our internal management training program.

Josh was a media and technology entrepreneur, starting his first business in 1999 while at university. He left the world of business in 2011. He has also served on a variety of boards and industry bodies. He is currently a Global Advisor to The Moleskine Foundation and sits on the board of the Children’s Radio Foundation.

Josh plays guitar in the assembled staff band, and regularly plays “Dragons Den” as the final decision maker for the Investment Council that invests in student enterprises each year.


Senior Executive


Univ. of Witwatersrand, BSc, Computer Science & Computational Mathematics (2000)
Univ. of Witwatersrand, Bsc Honours, Computer Science (2001)
University of Geneva. MBA in International Organisations (2012)

Honours and Awards

Endeavour Entrepreneur (2009)

Speaking Engagements

Tech4Africa 2012


How to Develop Entrepreneurial Behaviour Through Entrepreneurship practice
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Josh Adler