Mairéad O’Grady

Director, SEGL at ALA and W&R Faculty

Mairéad is lead administrator for the School of Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) at ALA program, which brings a cohort of mostly American students to ALA’s campus each term for a 4-month-long experience studying ethics and leadership.

Mairéad oversees the academic and interpersonal experience for each SEGL student on the ALA campus, managing the students, their families, and their sending schools. She also teaches on the Writing & Rhetoric team (teaching both SEGL and ALA students), and teaches a French course for SEGL students.

Prior to launching SEGL at ALA, Mairéad was Associate Head of School for External Affairs at SEGL’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In this capacity, she oversaw both Admissions and Development for the school, and she also taught French. Prior to joining SEGL in 2012, she spent a year as a teaching fellow at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mairéad has also served as an international program leader for Walking Tree Travel (Senegal and Thailand) and SEGL (South Africa and Rwanda).

Mairéad puts her Music major to use each week as the faculty advisor for ALApella.


Teaching French/English


Grinnell College, Music and French with Honors

Honours and Awards

Steiner Award for Scholarly Work in Music (2010)
There is also an endowed scholarship in my name at SEGL.


Writing & Rhetoric II
SEGL French

Mairéad O’Grady