Natalia Maria Sikombe

Natalia joined the Entrepreneurial Leadership Department as a fellow to help equip students with the skills, tools and the knowledge they need to create widespread change in their communities.

She works as an educator facilitating entrepreneurial leadership classes. She spends her days in classes or planning for her classes.

Natalia worked as a freelance First Assistant Director on multiple film sets in Zambia with an aim to help the positive growth and progression of film production in Zambia. She also conducted some training sessions on film sets due to the lack of skilled or experienced workforce in the Zambian film industry.

Natalia enjoys her additional role as faculty advisor and looking forward to mentoring and being an anchor for her 6 first-year students. She is also involved in the creative arts extracurricular program running sessions in performing arts and how performing arts can be used to influence change.


Communication Skills
Social Skills
Project Management
Event Planning
Production Scheduling
Problem Solving
Team Management


Entrepreneurial Leadership

Natalia Maria Sikombe