Patrice Lekeraho Mirindi

Entrepreneur Support & Portfolio Consultant (Francophone Africa)

Patrice is an Entrepreneur Support & Portfolio Consultant. Patrice works directly with the Demonstrate team within the Anzisha Prize team to support Anzisha Fellows.

Patrice actively works on the design and the delivery of the Anzisha Fellow package. He spends most of his time interacting with fellows (mostly francophone) and traveling to meet the fellows in order to relate with them and understand their context in order to maximize the support ALA provides for them.

Prior to this, Patrice was a member of the Solidarity Network of Young Congolese Entrepreneurs/Réseau Solidaire des Jeunes Entrepreneurs du Congo (Resojec).. In 2018 he was nominated as the National Vice President and was in charge of communications with the core aim of maintaining a strong rapport between all the members of the RESOJEC (Young Entrepreneurs). He has been able to maintain a strong network that is full of transformational opportunities between young entrepreneurs from the Democratic Republic of Congo and abroad through the website (www.resojec.com), and social media.


Strategic and project management
Excellent research
Analysis report writing & presentation
People management and relationship building
Team work


Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics – University of Nairobi,
Agricultural Engineering specialisation in Animal Sciences – Evangelical University in Africa
Bachelor in Agriculture – Evangelical University in Africa

African Leadership Academy