Stacey-Lee Watson-Jacobs

Residential Wellness Counsellor

Stacey-Lee works in the Wellness Department as a Residential Counsellor where she provides support to the a Residential Faculty life.

Stacey-Lee is an Educational Psychologist in the Wellness Department who provides counselling for students. She works within the Residential Faculty to help manage after-hour crises.

Previously, Stacey-Lee worked as a teacher from 2014 to 2017. During her time teaching, she became a registered counsellor and served at a Special Needs school before joining ALA in 2019.

Stacey-Lee is a Board Member for two Student Enterprises on campus. The two Student Enterprises, YANA and Currisex, focus on the subjects of sexual health and wellness.


Educational Assessments
Assess Learning Disabilities
Diagnose Learning Disabilities


BEd (Bachelor in Education)
Honours in Educational Psychology
Masters in Educational Psychology

Stacey-Lee Watson-Jacobs