Valerie Wiggett

South Africa
Director: Sector Programs

Val’s role is to enable and provide strategic guidance in building networks around the sector-communities.

Val creates, builds and strengthens partnerships with various internal and external stakeholder groups, to enable the successful execution of the sector programs initiatives, which are focused on building the capacity of our leaders to address Africa’s biggest challenges and create opportunities for all.

Val is a tech-savvy, seasoned Head of Operations with strong business acumen leveraging over 2 decades of experience of creating business value through technology, improved business processes and employee engagement. She is well versed in implementing change management and transforming organisational activities involving culture and processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of different digital technologies and their accelerating impact. She has a keen interest and understanding of people development, strategy, system implementation, IT, analytics, business intelligence and reporting and is proficient in ensuring optimum allocation and utilisation of technological resources. Val is skilled in building cross-functional teams,


Relationship Management
Project Management


BAdmin in Development (UNISA)
Post Grad Diploma in Marketing Management (UNISA)


Assessment of preparedness for the mitigation of technological unemployment” (Masters Thesis November 2018)

Valerie Wiggett