Student and Residential Life

Living and learning in a diverse pan-African community

We pride ourselves in the fact that ALA is a home away from home for our students, a place where they can learn and grow both in and outside of the classroom. Whether in the residence halls or on the sports fields, students build strong bonds with peers, learn valuable leadership lessons, and develop themselves through a wide variety of clubs, sports, and leadership roles.

Residential Life

ALA is a fully residential academy, and our students live in modern dormitories on the campus. There are six male dormitories and six female dormitories, each managed by a Residential Faculty member, with the support of a student Residential Assistant.

There are six Houses at ALA and each house is made up of one male residential hall and one female residential hall. Houses are named after major rivers in Africa: Congo, Niger, Nile, Tana, Volta, and Zambezi. Throughout the year, houses compete in sporting and cultural events designed to promote communication and community spirit.

All students live in the Nelson Mandela Residences and live in double rooms with a roommate from a different country to promote diversity and cross-cultural exchange. Year 2 Erinayo (Nigeria) and Year 1 Zaineb (Tunisia) share a room in Malaika Hall.

Each hall has a Residential Assistant, a Year 2 student who provides leadership and support in the Hall. Carl ‘22 (Zimbabwe) is the Residential Assistant of Olympus. Carl became a Residential Assistant so that he could build a ‘home away from home’ for his hallmates, and foster a community that offers mutual support throughout the academic year.


Sports are a fundamental part of student life at ALA, and every student is expected to participate in either competitive or recreational sports during their time at the Academy.

Derby Day

ALA students routinely participate in sporting competitions with other schools in Johannesburg, and an annual tri-school tournament with Maru-a-Pula College (Botswana) and Lebone II College (South Africa).

Other sporting activities

In addition to organized sports teams, students engage in various health & wellness activities such as jogging, boxing, Zumba, meditation, and more.

Women's Basketball Team

ALA offers a number of competitive sports year-round including football, basketball, volleyball and netball. The women’s basketball team practices three days a week and plays against schools from around Johannesburg on a regular basis.


During their time at ALA, students are supported to explore various passions and areas of interest through the various clubs and societies that exist on campus.


ALApella is the ALA student choir. They frequently perform at various cultural and community events hosted by the school.

Knitting Club

The ALA Knitting Club is a gender and age-inclusive space, where all interested members of the ALA community (students and faculty) can learn knitting and crocheting skills.

The Bridge Newspaper

The Bridge is a student publication written by students, for students. It serves as a platform for journalistic freedom on the ALA campus and for the African continent. Audreen ‘21 (Zimbabwe) serves as the Editor in Chief of the Bridge

Student Leadership

Through several platforms, ALA students are empowered to demonstrate practical leadership within the community.

Student Government

The Student Government, which is elected twice each year by the student body, represents the interests of students within the Academy and helps to cultivate shared experiences. Tanatsiwa ‘22 (Zimbabwe) is the current Chairlady of the Student Government. She joined Student Government to amplify student voices and to foster positive change within the ALA community.

Peer Counselors (PCs)

PC serve as student advisors and coaches to first-year students to provide emotional support and enable a smooth transition into the ALA community. David ‘22 (Malawi) became a Peer Coach because he wanted to provide a platform to support students through any academic, social, or emotional challenges that they may face.

Honor Council

Honor Council enables peer accountability within the student body by adjudicating on minor infractions within the Academy. Toroti ‘22 (Nigeria) was driven to join Honor Council by her unwavering commitment to promoting the highest standards of integrity and fostering a culture of trust.

Explore our campus

The ALA campus is a vibrant and dynamic environment that fosters learning, growth, and community. The campus features state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, dormitories, a 450-seat auditorium, a dining hall, sports fields, and a student center.

The campus is designed to provide a safe and inspiring space for our students to live and learn, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship. At African Leadership Academy, we believe that the campus is an integral part of the student experience, and we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility.

Virtual Map

Experience the essence of ALA’s campus through a virtual tour. Choose any section of our vibrant campus to embark on a virtual journey and explore the facilities, classrooms, common spaces, or outdoor areas that make up our inspiring learning environment. Immerse yourself in the ALA experience from the comfort of your own home and discover the transformative atmosphere that nurtures Africa’s future leaders.


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