University Guidance

Connecting students to global universities

The University Guidance Program at African Leadership Academy is a comprehensive and personalized program that supports students in their journey to higher education. The program provides students with guidance and resources to help them identify their academic and career goals, research and apply to universities and scholarships, and navigate the admissions process. The program begins in the first year of study and continues through graduation, with dedicated staff members who work closely with students to help them achieve their aspirations.

The program offers a range of services, including individualized counseling, college and university visits, standardized test preparation, and essay writing workshops. Additionally, the program has a strong focus on financial aid and scholarship opportunities, ensuring that ALA students have access to the resources they need to pursue higher education. The University Guidance Program at ALA is designed to empower students to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to their communities, the continent, and the world.

Since 2010, alumni have enrolled at 302 universities in 58 countries around the world and have accepted $210 million in university scholarships.

Universities that have enrolled 10 or more ALA alumni (undergraduate).


Number of Alumni Enrolled

University of Rochester 94
University of Notre Dame 54
African Leadership University Rwanda 28
Constructor University (Jacobs University Bremen) 27
Trinity College 26
Cornell University 26
Michigan State University 24
African Leadership College Mauritius 23
United States International University 22
Duke University 20
Smith College 19
Yale University 18
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 17
Dartmouth College 17
Skidmore College 16
University of Cape Town 16
University of Pennsylvania 15
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 15
Instituto de Empresa 14
Quest University Canada 13
Arizona State University 13
Earth University 12
Georgetown University in Qatar 12
Babson College 12
Oberlin College 12
University of California at Berkeley 11
Brown University 11
Tufts University 10
Davidson College 10

For Admissions Officers

The ALA University Guidance team is eager to welcome Admissions Officers and Representatives from universities around the globe to engage with our students.

Best times to visit

ALA follows the northern hemisphere calendar so we are open from September to June. We recommend college visits from Sept – November and March – May. The best time to visit the ALA campus is after school starting from 3:40 pm. Weekend visits can also be arranged on occasion.

Johannesburg has a number of schools that will be open to receiving university representatives during the school term. (Please call ahead) With the exception of AISJ and ALA, most schools follow a southern hemisphere calendar. A number of local schools are listed below.

School and Distance from ALA
  • American International School of Johannesburg – 40 minutes.
  • Crawford College – 35 minutes
  • John’s College – 35 minutes
  • Stithians College – 25 minutes
  • Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls – 55 minutes

If you’d like to visit ALA, please contact us.