Developing the next generation of African leaders

ALA’s curriculum is unique, purpose-built for an audacious mission. All students complete two-year sequences in African Studies, Writing & Rhetoric and Entrepreneurial Leadership. These courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, habits and mindsets required to bring their leadership vision to life.

Of course, meaningful leadership impact is also built on a foundation of academic rigor. Therefore, students at ALA also select a combination of elective courses that are internally and externally assessed. Most elective courses are aligned to the Cambridge (CAIE) AS and A-level sequence, preparing students for external assessment at the end of their second year. ALA’s academic program is widely accepted by leading global tertiary institutions, and represents an exceptional standard of preparedness for university studies and impactful careers thereafter.

Students can choose to challenge themselves further by taking on independent research in the Creative Arts, Sciences, Humanities or International Relations. ALA is also a Global Online Academy campus and a Pioneer Academics school, meaning that students can extend their studies and research opportunities beyond ALA’s own faculty.

African Studies

A central component of the ALA curriculum, developing each student’s understanding of Africa from a variety of perspectives and across a range of disciplines.

Year 2 African Studies Elective: Journalism for Socal Justice

Afro-fem: A student enterprise working to end sexism and sexist exploitations

Entrepreneurial Leadership

The Entrepreneurial Leadership program at ALA is designed to build the interpersonal and leadership skills that are essential for future agents of positive change. Through this flagship program, students develop the mindset, approach, and skills necessary to be entrepreneurial leaders on the African continent and beyond.

Writing & Rhetoric

The Writing & Rhetoric program aims to develop students’ ability to critically evaluate texts, organize information, and articulate knowledge, ideas, and opinions in speech and in writing.

Kaffa Sakho ‘13: Accomplished poet and writer

Meet our Faculty

Olivia Nyahokwe

Economics Faculty

Sumanah Mustafa

Writing & Rhetoric Faculty
South Africa

Vincent Tago

Senior Science Faculty