#ChooseALA – Discover Your Role in the Transformation of Africa

“Education is the human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.” – Kofi Annan

Do you ever look at the various issues in society and feel compelled to act? Would you like to play your role in transforming and developing your community, Africa and the world? If you are looking for a purposeful way to contribute to the world, are driven by values of compassion, humility, integrity, excellence, diversity and above all – curiosity… Consider embarking on a journey of self-discovery, an experience that will strip you of all your fears and make you see the world anew.

Today’s world is inundated with social, political, economic and environmental issues that may seem daunting and impossible to address, yet in reality, the issue can be addressed and there are those courageous enough to address them. I came to learn of African Leadership Academy and quickly realized that the community, one I’m really excited to be a part of, located in the greater Johannesburg area of Honeydew, in sunny South Africa; it’s a community of young proactive leaders, from all the corners of Africa. They commune, engage openly, build long lasting friendships, networks and continuously enhance their leadership and entrepreneurial skills to edify themselves beyond the confinements of the world, so they too can touch the lives of others.

The community boasts an incredibly diverse group of people, including the faculty and staff members from all walks of life who bring a sense of panache – they are incredibly talented and are dedicated to the vision and mission that is: developing the next generation of African leaders. The young leaders at this prestigious, pan-African academy are innovators in fields such as humanities, economics, engineering, education, agriculture, arts, technology and the sciences. They are the doers, who are never afraid to try. They are the promising future of Africa.

In recognizing the need to develop more leaders on the African continent and beyond, ALA successfully runs a number of specially designed programs for young leaders, on the continent as well as those from the global community to help elevate all the perceptions of the world.

The Academy not only equips one with the necessary leadership and entrepreneurial skills, it also gives one a deep understanding of the African continent and its rich history. The extensive skills and knowledge one will obtain at ALA, are a permeable cognizance of experts from a range of fields. This is also an opportunity to explore South Africa at large with activities such as safari excursions, camps as well day trips to key historical monuments that symbolize moments of the Apartheid Era.

True to the expression, “a home away from home” – it is a place so unique that many plan to return to (when the nostalgia settles in). You are compelled and encouraged to challenge the status quo – the ALA experience is the opportunity to do so.

#ChooseALA and enrich the world around you!

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