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Proving that ALA – and it’s various programs – are ever-expanding, we are proud to announce the launch of a portal dedicated to parents, teachers, investors and the supporters of very young African entrepreneurs.

Experience The Anzisha Effect: Our New Portal for Supporters of Very Young Entrepreneurs

The Anzisha Effect portal will be the platform upon which we build a new pillar (COLLABORATE) of the prestigious Anzisha Prize Program. Other pillars of the Program (CELEBRATE and ACCELERATE) have also been reframed to firstly deeply focus on finding and celebrating the stories of very young and successful African entrepreneurs to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and secondly to experiment with and test various interventions and tools to support entrepreneurs of this age to learn what works and then share it with others.

These three pillars of activity combined, we believe, could make a significant dent in youth unemployment over the coming decade or two.

The Anzisha Effect will focus on the entrepreneurs’ support network, offering training tools and resources to those who have an immediate impact on Africa’s very young entrepreneurs.

Experience The Anzisha Effect: Our New Portal for Supporters of Very Young Entrepreneurs

“Ecosystem players are invited to contribute curated resources, advice and assistance in determining how to deploy capital and invest in young entrepreneurs, while parents and teachers contribute their expertise in how to support, guide and nurture these intrepid young individuals,” says Editor Sihle Magubane.

What’s more, the Anzisha Effect also provides a platform for experts to share their experiences and findings in how to best drive entrepreneurial education and support.

“The people involved in doing the hard work of developing the entrepreneurial prowess of the continent need a community of peers who are thought leaders in this pioneering field – sharing best practices, discussing and working out solutions to topical issues and remove barriers that stunt the growth of the entrepreneurial development engine,” adds Sihle, explaining the inspiration behind The Anzisha Effect.

Closely linked to the Anzisha Prize, this crucial support hub features research, insights and powerful case studies. “Coming soon, too, will be a crowdsourced jobs portal as well as an ecosystem directory that will list organization that support and educate young entrepreneurs,” reveals Sihle, who advises ecosystem experts to keep their eyes peeled for posts on the ALA and ALU job sites to kick off that exploration.

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