Taalaw 2018 – Gallery

Every year in September ALA marks the official opening of the new academic year, celebrating in vibrant fashion with an assembly of students, staffulty, parents and friends, marked by a Parade of Nations, and ending with a cultural variety of food and dance.

You my have been introduced to some of the new staff and faculty or “staffulty” as we say in the days before Taalaw through our social media platforms, but if you missed it, here’s a list of them all and their new roles at ALA:

Ahmed Negm, Egypt – Science Faculty and Institutional Learning Fellow

Bhekinkosi Sibanda, Zimbabwe – University Guidance Fellow

Demilade Fayemiwo, United States – Science Faculty

Dudu Luthuli, South Africa – Communications Associate

Melanie Mboya, South Africa – Anzisha Prize Fellow

Haley Fauntleroy, United States – Strategic Relations Fellow

Hilda Nalwanga, United States – Africa Careers Network Fellow

Jacques van Rensburg, South Africa – Lifelong Learning Experience Designer

Jihad Hajjouji, Morocco – Program Lead, Anzisha Education Accelerator

Lian Boerma, United States – MBA Intern

Mandisa Mtembu, South Africa – Head of Wellness

Max Cembalest, United States – Mathematics Faculty

Mona Hakimi, Malawi – Humanities Faculty

Nosipho Njomi, South Africa – Program Recruitment & Partnerships Coordinator

Ouli Sane, Senegal – Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty

Safiyah Riddle, United States – African Studies Faculty

Sandisiwe Gwele, South Africa – Chief of Staff

Sarah Kgagudi, South Africa – Director of Creative Arts and Events

Takondwa Semphere, Malawi – Writing and Rhetoric Faculty

Weiwei Bi, United States – Shared Business Services Associate

In the gallery below the community, including the Class of 2018 are welcomed during a ceremony we call “Taalaw” which means “come together” in Arabic. Enjoy!

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