Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities

Following a successful 2019 African Leadership Academy Model Africa Union (ALAMAU2019) conference, the recent secretariat team, under the leadership of Mr. Faith Abiodum, shares their journey to this year’s conference and give encouraging words to the ALAMAU2020 team.

The ALAMAU is an annual five day conference that is held in Johannesburg, which simulates the activities of the existing African Union. The conference gathers hundreds of participants from across the continent and beyond the surrounding seas as it strives to equip young leaders with critical thinking and diplomacy skills, states ALAMAU2019 chairperson Asha Guled.

Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities
Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities

This year’s ALAMAU2019 theme was Leveraging Africa’s Progress for Sustained Growth – a theme this young team came up with in order to look at a different approach to solutions for the continent. “The theme meant that for a change, Africa should not focus on our missed opportunities and failures, but to instead focus on the progress that has been made thus far and how far we have come as a continent,” says ALAMAU2019 deputy chairperson Moitse Kemelo Moatshe.

Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities
Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities
Africa Should Not Focus on Missed Opportunities

The team was not being oblivious to the areas of improvement the continent has, instead they focused on the different areas which have improved in the continent and celebrated them in order to see a way forward based on proof of change. “Over the years, we have seen Africa take notable strides in several sectors. Sound financial policies have significantly reduced poverty in Ethiopia and Rwanda. Politically, longstanding presidents have resigned, and Kenya became the third country in the world, and the first in Africa to have a presidential election nullified. Evidently, some African countries have made great progress and they are taking the vital steps towards reaching the Africa we envision. So “Leveraging Africa’s Progress for Sustained Growth” allows us to reach this vision. It encourages us to share ideas, resources and networks to leverage and replicate progress from Cape to Cairo,” adds Guled.

ALAMAU2019 consisted of both Year one and Year two diploma program African Leadership Academy students. The Year two student made up the secretariat team and the directive heads of the different committees. While the Year one students were working under the leadership of their seniors. It is from this Year one group where the next ALAMAU secretariat and directive heads were chosen. Indicating that not only is the next team aware of what goes into planning a successful ALAMAU, they have been well prepared on what challenges are ahead of them.

Although the conference was a success, the team emphasized that pulling it off was not easy. It is a balancing act as students work devotedly on influencing the conference for future young leaders while being disciplined in their studies. It is for this reason that ALAMAU2019 Directive Administrator Oluwafikemi Teleayomi Aiyepeku advises the ALAMAU2020 team to remain diligent and hardworking in this journey – contributing all that they can to the success of ALAMAU. They should remember that as difficult as the journey may be it is fulfilling. When they feel tired they should rest but also remember to get back to it again. “Remember that your commitment to the team means that you will not be mediocre. Let this journey be one that you discover your best self  – do not allow yourself to settle for anything less than that,” says Aiyepeku.

Full online registration for African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2020 will open on Saturday, June 1st 2019 and will officially close on Thursday October 31st, 2019. 

However, in order to show interest in ALAMAU 2020 before registration is open, click here to pre-register, indicating if the pre-registration is for an independent delegate or for a school delegation.

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